Log Building

Learn About Log BUilding:

A full scribe log build, also known as full scribe log construction or Scandinavian scribe-fit method, is a traditional technique used in log home construction. It involves the assembly of log walls by precisely scribing and fitting the individual logs together. This method is commonly associated with Scandinavian and Canadian log home building traditions.

Here are some key characteristics and steps involved in a full scribe log build:

  • – Log selection: High-quality logs are selected for the construction process. Typically, large-diameter logs with straight grains and minimal defects are preferred.

  • – Scribing: Each log is individually scribed to fit snugly with the log below it. Scribing is the process of tracing the contour of the lower log onto the upper log using a scribe tool, such as a compass or scriber.

  • – Notching: After scribing, the upper log is notched or shaped along the traced contour of the lower log. The amount of material removed depends on the desired fit, usually aiming for a tight, gap-free joint.

  • – Stacking: The logs are stacked one by one, starting from the bottom and progressing upwards. Each log is scribed and notched to fit precisely onto the log beneath it. This process continues until the desired wall height is achieved.

  • – Finishing: Once the log walls are assembled, various finishing techniques can be applied. This may include sanding, staining, sealing, or applying a protective finish to enhance the aesthetic appearance and durability of the logs.

Advantages of a full scribe log build include the following:

  1. – Natural aesthetics: Full scribe log homes have a rustic and traditional appeal. The natural beauty of the logs adds warmth and character to the structure.

  2. – Energy efficiency: Solid log walls offer excellent insulation properties, providing natural thermal resistance and energy efficiency.

  3. – Structural stability: The interlocking nature of the logs creates a sturdy and durable structure capable of withstanding various environmental conditions.

  4. Longevity: Well-built log homes using the full scribe method can last for generations with proper maintenance.

However, it’s worth noting that full scribe log construction requires skilled craftsmen with experience in the technique. It can be a labor-intensive process and may have a longer construction timeline compared to other methods.

Overall, a full scribe log build offers a unique and timeless approach to constructing log homes, capturing the essence of traditional craftsmanship and providing a connection to nature.

Estonian-Style Log Home


  • 6 foot covered porch
  • second floor balcony
  • 330 sqft mainfloor
  • 200 sqft loft